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Name: Blondie
ID: 6026
Sex: female
Description: Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever Mix -- Blonde -- Female Adult
Name: Gabby
ID: 5915
Sex: female
Description: Pekingese -- Black & White -- Female Adult
Whiskey  Max
Name: Whiskey Max
ID: 6109 A B
Sex: male
Description: Whiskey & Max relax during a recent walk!!
Name: Wego
ID: 5777
Sex: male
Description: Labrador Retriever Mix -- Chocolate -- Male Adult
Name: Angus
ID: F-1
Sex: male
Description: Beagle -- Tan, White, & Black -- Male Adult
Wego  Rosie
Name: Wego Rosie
ID: 5777 5887
Sex: male
Description: Labrador Retrievers Wego & Rosie listen to instructions from a shelter volunteer!!
Brandy  Bindy  Simba
Name: Brandy Bindy Simba
ID: 5998 A B C
Sex: female
Description: Chihuahuas -- Senior Adults -- Brandy - Light Tan w/White Face -- Bindy - Long-Haired Dark Brown -- Simba - Light Tan
Name: Max
ID: 6109 B
Sex: male
Description: Russell Terrier -- Smooth Coat -- White -- Male Adult
Name: Lilly
ID: 6188
Sex: female
Description: Bulldog -- White -- Female Adult
Name: Jade
ID: 5582
Sex: female
Description: Maltese/Poodle Mix -- White -- Female Adult
Name: Rosie
ID: 5887
Sex: female
Description: Labrador Retriever -- Black -- Female Adult
Name: Gus
ID: 5930
Sex: male
Description: Labrador Retriever/Rottweiler Mix -- Brown & Tan -- Male Adult
Brandy  Simba  Bindy
Name: Brandy Simba Bindy
ID: 5998 A B C
Sex: female
Description: Brandy, Simba, and Bindy relax together!!
Name: Luna
ID: 6136
Sex: female
Description: Pug/Beagle Mix -- Tan & White -- Female Adult
Name: Whiskey
ID: 6109 A
Sex: male
Description: Russell Terrier -- Wire-Haired Coat -- Brown & White -- Male Adult